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RSS Reader - student project

At first I kept to the same version as that of Claudio’s. It seemed to me the most suitable. I browsed a lot of applications and resources, as well as news sites and all of a sudden it hit me.

RSS Reader - image 1 - student project

The idea is that our reader is like a big slider. You can see some parts of the previous and the next section on the left and right. Category Navigation is accomplished by clicking on the name of the chapter or on the left and right edges of the screen.

So it's like to slide inside one site. I think in final design i will organise the structure of blocks and create somethening in metro style.

RSS Reader - image 2 - student project

RSS Reader - image 3 - student project

RSS Reader - image 4 - student project

UPD 21 May I've created another wireframe with a little bit new look. No filter anymore, better grid and pop-up with article.

"Refresh" and "Add feed" buttons was added into a grid.

I'm using 1000px grid. Wich is good for responsive design. It's my first responsive design, so i'm not sure about that.

And i'm not using vertical grid, because i can't. I was played with some variants (rhythm with 15px, 20px and 10px) but it doesnt help me. 

Now i'm thinking about details and mobile look.

RSS Reader - image 5 - student project

RSS Reader - image 6 - student project

RSS Reader - image 7 - student project

UPD 23 May Almost done with design of home page.

RSS Reader - image 8 - student project

RSS Reader - image 9 - student project

RSS Reader - image 10 - student project

UPD May 26 Just finished ipad and iphone version.

RSS Reader - image 11 - student project