RPG Battle!

For my first week's project, I created a scene that is something of an homage to the turn-based RPG games I grew up on. A Cave Worm has attacked an isolated sanctuary, and slain nearly all of its residents. Only one survivor remains, and this scene captures the moment before they engage in battle. A few things about it:

-The "UI" is just regular planes with text overlaid on top of them. I would have liked to change the colour of the font to yellow over the Attack option to indicate that it's currently selected, but I couldn't figure out how. I settled for a bold and italics instead.

-I couldn't quite figure out how to loop the Warrior's idle animation, so he only performs it once. For some reason I had no trouble with the Cave Worm's.

-I'm not 100% happy with how the lighting turned out, but it's supposed to be sunset.


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