Lesson #1 - This is the beginning of my Guru project.  Loved the great information in lesson one.  One of the things I like to do in Pro-tools is to color assign each group of instruments.  It is something that is easier and helps me organize my sessions.  I also made 4 Auxs.  One for drums, music, VO and FX.  Each aux has the corresponding instrument bussed to it.  I also have 6 auxs for FX.  2 dealy, 2 reverb, flange and chrous.  If needed later in the mix will add more, just using those as a starter point.  All the FX are sent to the FX aux.  I also have a stereo buss aux that has the drum, music, vo, and fx auxs bussed to it.  

Let me know what you guys think!

Lesson #2 - Great video on panning and levels.  Helped me understand a great deal more.  Post pix from my project with the tracks panned and level.


Great content on Lessons 3 & 4.

I didn't have the SSL Channel strip so I used Waves Ren EQ, Ren Compressor, CLA LA-2A and the signature CLA series for plug ins.  Also Used the stock 7 band EQ in Pro-tools  On the Stereo buss I used a V-Comp EW to boost a little on the 10k, and an L1 Ultramaximer just to boost the level a bit.  Finished link is below, would love feedback!  



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