ROFLCOPTR goes swa swa swa

I started out a few months ago when I knew that I needed to change my lifestyle. I was 225 lbs and I never really looked obese, but I felt terrible and I knew that I would just continue to get worse. I had a good friend (Who is also on Fitocracy "nerdgavin") who really inspired me to get my body back to where I wasn't hating it. He lost more weight than I've ever weighed, and his story is crazy, but I knew I needed a change too. That's a little introduction into the world of Corey.

So my action plan includes 3 days of lifting (M,W,F) and 4 days of rest. I'm just kind of doing exercises now, but I'm attempting to isolate different parts of the body on each day, so that I might be able to experience greater gains and really push those muscles once a week. 

My fitness habit change would be to eat less carbs and to eat more protein. I know protein is incredibly important, especially when lifting, and I'm going to try to get more of it. I'm mostly hoping to find the protein in lean meat, but I do have some powder that I use for after workout drinks. 

So here's to a new year and a new you (and me)! 




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