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Z.A Setiawan

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Name : Z.A Setiawan

Location: Depok, Indonesia

Brand name : RockinRoots

Slogan and tagline : Confidence Is Our Roots


ROCKINROOTS is a Streetwear clothing from Depok Indonesia. strart from 2011 when I was studying in the 4th semester of advertising university. i made this project I make this project initially as a duty to make the task print ad and branding in my campus. because I love to make an outfit for myself swith a small convection piecemeal services in my area so I created this clothing for my college assignment. 

of the task of making it, my college friends interested in the product and they want to buy my jeans. from there I started ROCKINROOTS, I was still use pre order system. because I was not too serious and not convinced of this project I lived with a relaxed but over time I think to try to live more seriously and I tried to make a shirt for the first edition rockinroots I named caspies. 


this is a fisrt product jeans of ROCKINROOTS


caspies edition


 watch a lookbook photoshoot of caspies here

because at that time I had to finish my studies, I leave my project RockinRoots. after graduation I was looking for a job and get a real job li didn't like. after graduation I was looking for a job and get a real job less I like. after that I tried to find a job that I love and there is a local brand of origin jakarta asked me to take care of the brand, not going well too. just a few months the brand decided to take a break, and then I worked in one of the clothing stores in Depok, I worked as an online marketing and design concepts there.

I took the experience of the two brands and many brands that I like in foreign countries and the brand around me after that I decided to continue my rockinrootsproject. 

now I want to try to introduce my ROCKINROOTS to all of you. 

RockinRoots is a great sentence means. like a big tree that will protect you from the storm and there will be no large trees if they have no roots. such that I consider my rockinroots project. there will be no great person who would be great if he did not have the confidence.tree without roots will die as well as humans without confidence we will not be able to be who we are. therefore I make a slogan "confidence is our roots".

RockinRoots focus on streetwear because I was so inspired by the street where actually many positive activities carried out on the streets and come from the streets, such as skateboarding, BMX gravity or street art, breakdancing, music and any activity that starts from the streets. unfortunately only for my country, especially in my area Depok city street activity activity has always been taboo and always underestimated here. they just do it for a while and not forever, unbelievably unfortunate. therefore I have a goal that might be a bit difficult to realize. where one day people in my country would be a great community with whatever field they pursue it. I would like to invite to continue their activities as difficult as any here, because real life is not only done in this country, but there are many other countries that will be caring and interested in their activities. huuft it takes a long process but I will do it.


This logo has the concept and meaning where a 4 line taper is the root of 2 different stems and trunks that connect to one of the center line. that means is if we have the same vision in different ways will be successful if we do it with the same roots. and arches that connect the right and left is actually the epitome of love, which means if the roots and vision already fused, doing everything with love will produce good results in the future and everything will always be remembered by anyone.

GoodRoots edition 2014

to celebrate the rise of RockinRoots project I make goodroots edition which consists of 4 t-shirt and 1 baseball jersey 

4 t shirt is made with combed cotton with screen printing from Indonesia, why? because I am proud of and would like to introduce the work of Indonesia.

1 baseball jersey is made with cotton with embroidered logo font

and rockinroots will issue the next edition which raised a theme of transportation that has been repaired on the island of Java in Indonesia. as soon as posibble

thank you for your time to read about RockinRoots.






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