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The following is a true story.

A few years ago l purchased an old, beat up guitar in a pawnshop in Jamaica-$10. The guy swore it was once owned by a famous reggae artist-Right!  When I played it, though, incredible music came out of it. l let others play it; they played just as well I did even though none of us has never held or played a guitar before.  Then I realized the truth-It wasn’t me or the others but the guitar itself. You see inside the body of the guitar was this image; an eyeball playing a guitar; an eye rocking…a Rocking Eye!

Where did this 'Rocking Eye' come from?  No one knows. What does it mean?-???  I have searched for years and can only theorize that this Rocking Eye symbolizes music’s universal and spiritual message, and is bestowed upon those among us who embrace it. I have scoured old photos and sure enough, it’s there: It’s on a red, black and green armband worn by Bob Marley; on the soles of Elvis’ blue suede shoes; it’s on the inside cover of The Beatle’s White Album. See for yourself!- it’s on RUN DMC’s shoes laces, on Beethoven’s personal stationery ; inside the stone in Gaga’s favorite ring as well as countless other musicians that we all know and respect.This secret order is no longer secret...   

Rocking Eye: The Brand, represents the continuation of the tradition that the great believers in, and makers of, music. 



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