ROCK ON! - student project

This was a really hard project for me. I have a very hard time drawing people to begin with, but purposefully making them "odd" was really difficult for me. I had sometimes 6-7 iterations before being happy with a drawing (and even then if I'm being honest I wasn't happy). My first "action" shot was of bungee jumping, I found a good image and went to work on stylizing him. Secondly, I took multiple 70's-80's roller skaters and tried to capture their position and facial emotions. I actually enjoyed that part of the project. I also enjoyed the "person in a shape" assignment and had my daughter draw a random shape for me. For the final project, I chose large headphones! Would love some feedback! ROCK ON! - image 1 - student projectROCK ON! - image 2 - student projectROCK ON! - image 3 - student projectROCK ON! - image 4 - student project

ROCK ON! - image 5 - student project

ROCK ON! - image 6 - student project