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Roberto V Marino

Owner @ Roberto Vincenzo Street Couture




Hello all, This is my passion, my love, my dream.

Mission Statment: Giving the streets some class.

Slogan: Crossing the line

Grandson-Roberto /Grandfather-Vincenzo

New school / Old school

Present / History

Combine the two to get

Roberto Vincenzo

A character with a split personality who we can all relate to.

Roberto represents the wild side of life; mischievous and always looking to have a good time.

Vincenzo, on the other hand, represents the old school gentleman; always flawless.

Two visions

One style

There is a thin line between genius and insanity.

There is a thin line between Roberto/Vincenzo


I am thinking about it being simple, Since my logo is R / V, I am thinking my slogan will be "Crossing the Line" because I am ready to do whatever it takes, tired of playing it safe and willing to cross that line. It can also be crossing the finish line. I just hope it does not sound negative. Feed back?

In this collection I put together a mix for summer, with Roberto Vincenzo being a character with a split personality I feel like I can venture out and not stick to one solid. Roberto and Vincenzo see things differently. The price point I was going for tees at $27 While the tank top with woman all over id $60, cut n sew and harder to come by. The boardshorts are $65 and have a more mature fit to it. Not all baggy just clean and simple. Summer is about fun and we want you to look clean so thats what we were trying to do!


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