RJB Press

RJB Press - student project

Over the past year and a half I have found a love for the art of printmaking. My two favorites methods are screen printing and letter press. I love the way each print is different and unique in its own way. Lately ive been doing some small runs of screen printed posters for friends and a couple clients and I really want to continue doing this and possibly start a small business out of it. Right now i use the university I attend equipment but have plans of building a poster press table this summer with my father. 

What I want to do for this project is to make a hand drawn label to wrap around the posters and hold them together in the tube. Something like this is what im going for but I want to go for a more hand drawn look since the posters will be hand made.

RJB Press - image 1 - student project

A lot of my inspirtation has come from Joe Horacek and Little Mountian Print Shoppe. I love his work and the look he has with Little Mountain. It gives you that vintage american hand made look and thats what Im aimming for with my project. I want to screen print all my labels myself so I want to keep them a single color print and possibly add another color for a stamp or something. 

RJB Press - image 2 - student projectRJB Press - image 3 - student projectRJB Press - image 4 - student project

Another style Im gathering inspiration from is Parker Lichfield and Stock and Barrel Co. He also has that vintage american made look to his work as well! RJB Press - image 5 - student project

RJB Press - image 6 - student project

Im working on some sketches now and will post them when im finished!