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Tammara Moore

Principal at Straight-Line Coach





Helping Individuals And Business Owners To Thrive.

PROBLEM: Healthcare constraints in today's economy of declining reimbursements are costing health care providers in private practice huge amounts of: productivity time, loss of income, stress,  problems, uncertainty. Practicing is more stressful than ever.

High End Coaching for Healthcare Professionals Who Choose to Thrive.

 We get to the source of why healthcare professionals often fail to reach their true potential in their chosen professions.  We introduce you to powerful distinctions that once implemented lead to powerful, highly productive practices. We work with you to run your practice instead of your practice running you. We work with you to deal with the stress in a way that is empowering versus disempowering.

We work with healthcare professionals who have an entrepreneurial mindset as opposed to someone content working for a managed healthcare organization.  If this speaks to you call us, we would be honored to have a conversation with you.

Are you overwhelmed, overworked, not sastified with current level of income?

Hi, I am Dr. Tammara Moore. I am a Straight-Line Coach, ART Provider, Lead Instructor and thriving practice owner. We help get people more of what they want, and many times , less of what they don't want.

I have a passion to see others kick ass in practice and in life.

We Work Highly Committed Individuals.

take control of your business and life immediately

solve time management stress

stop “reacting” 

produce quicker results by 3x faster

double your income

have more fun

Solution: Straight-Line Coaching


 We  have room for 3 Highly Committed Docs or Practitioners.

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FIRST STEP - Download the BookStraight-Line Leadership, Tools for Linving with Velocity and Power by Dusan Djukich . It is our gift to you.

If you would like to engage in a conversation for creating more powerful results in your life or business, please contact us. We would be honored to speak with you.

Inquiries: [email protected] and




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