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For my project i looked to many kind of vintage labels, rather than boxes, because, from the begining, the idea in my mind was to create a label for a drinkable product.

So i specially looked to alcooloics vintage labels : liquor, whisky, wine and beer .

These are my mood boards, where i picked up Interesting ideas of labels styles, fonts and graphic structures .I fixed the main ideas on these boards and then i transferred them to my sketches.


This is a page where i put all my ideas for a Beer brand. Here i decided the Name of the product, the message, the audience and some tag lines.Actually in all my sketches, i worked on tag lines and messages again and again, but this is where i put the main idea.

The idea is a beer for workers, a beer that gives you a moment of relax after an hard day's work.


Based on my inspiration and the sketches I did, I started working on lettering and label's graphic structures. On each sketch there are many notes that have made the project, i hope they are readable and understandable. 

now this is my first outline with an idea of the dimensions, tag lines, lettering, and decorations.

The label idea starts to have a shape:

I tried to draw a bigger one and i wanted to use AI to copy half a part of it   with simmetry tools..... but then i came back on the first idea.

This is the first try of digitalizing, where i found out that some parts were too complicated, so i modified mainly the banner, that was the one who gave me problems in AI. And i had to separate sharply all the parts. 

This is the final layout 

These are all the digitalized labels with colors and in B/W, i put a coloured background also, but my favourite is the simple B/W  : 

Please, i need feedbacks/suggestions for improve, because these are my first projects, so if you want, tell me what you think about my project.
thank you very much



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