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REDO - Angry Pedestrian Girl

So I had to completely redo my idea because the first time it didn't work out - I tried all digital and it just didn't work for me. So this time around I did a HUGE slew of thumbnails, but with pen on paper. Just felt a lot more natural to me while I learn brushes in the meantime. I edited them later in Photoshop.

I originally was gonna do a winter type nomad/traveler of some sort, but my cousin and I had a funny conversation today about me being a pedestrian in an unsafe part of town (for driving), and he told me I should carry around a baseball bat. So then I  envisioned a woman in a peacoat (such as myself) with a baseball bat, and well, it kinda turned into these:

Those then morphed into more of a little girl, since I was most attracted to the child-like stances of the first and third thumbnail, so here is my next step:

And we'll see what happens from here!


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