Our Story (The First Logo)




Mission Statement:

Create clothing and projects that "bring streetwear back".

This means we aim to pay homage and create clothing based on the streetwears brands in their hayday before hype and trends got crazy

Creators: Ade, Debo, and Sola.

Debo: The first logo came about while I was working at my part time job. I was a cashier at a local supermarket (we all work there haha) and I was bored at the register. I found a red sharpie and tore out a blank receipt. I drew up this logo. First I drew the red swirls. I'm really into drawing clouds like you see in japanese anime. So I drew those up, but then wrote "red flowers" in the middle for some reason. This wasnt going to be the brand name but just another design at the time.I took the receipt home, redrew it and scanned it. We would eventually choose this as the name brand because its positive. "RED FLOWERS" makes you think of beuty and special occassions. Also "Red" puts us in a box that we will gladly break out of. Some will think we will always make red clothing but thats not our goal. We want to be versatile and become as big as Stussy and NEIGHBORHOOD one day.

Also, people bring red flowers to funerals. Our negative spin on the name is that we saw streetwear as being dead. So we will throw RED FLOWERS on its coffin and embrace the future while paying homage.

REDFLOWERS STRONG APPAREL is the clothing brand created by us while we were on summer vacation from college. We felt streetwear was losing its creativity and quality. So we wanted to make a brand that aimed to be creative, rebelious, and unique to fashion trends and hype......just like streetwear always was.

We also want to challenge the look of streetwear. We've always wanted t-shirts that had dope designs but had a slimmer fit. We don't like sleeves that are like wings flapping in the wind. So our t-shirts are more sillouette.

We have been just admirers of streetwear brands such as The Hundreds, Staple, Stussy, Mishka and Diamond Supply co., for long enough. Now we want to have some fun making our own unique brand.

So far REDFLOWERS has been successful. We have created a few lookbooks and dropped a couple items. We have sold our clothing in three states, on three different university campuses; Florida A&M, UMass Amherst, and Penn State. At first we sold our stuff out of our dorm rooms in college. Now that two of us have graduated, we want to create a website and begin selling online. We currently have, but we can do better.We have gained many fans and we have enjoyed the struggle of managing our own business. We will grow and will take any help we can get.

We are currently working on our cut & sew line. This line will be more menswear directed. We are designing jackets, blazers, coats, gloves, bandannas, accessories and more. This is how we will attract the older audience.

Areas we want to venture into and improve:

Website Design

Online sales

Cut & Sew


Accessories - wallets, bracelets, necklaces, wristbands, socks, RINGS!

New Word Mark

I came up with the wordmark while on tumblr. There was a GIF of a guy drwing a tag without lifting his marker off the canvas. That's when I decided to write REDFLOWERS with the same method. After several trials I came up with this. I write the word all at once. However the L is added at the end.

Some people say its hard to read, but thats kind of the point. You can't necessarily read the word mark. But when you see this scribble, you recognize what it is. It's kind of like FUTURA and STUSSY's word mark. You cant read them necessarily, but you know that shape. It never changes that much. "Whats that scribble on your shirt?".....You reply, "Oh, it says STUSSY". We have the same effect

I know a girl from NYC and she's seen the STUSSY wordmark for years. However it wasnt until I explained to her that the scribble is read S T U S S Y, that she noticed that that is what she's been seeing. Our REDFLOWERS wordmark is the same way.






We want to attract the young consumer and the middle aged consumer. The people that skate, bmx, rap, sing, draw, paint, travel, design. We want to attract all people that are aspiring to be something. We make men's clothing, but many women our age (17 to 23) already wear our clothes.Our customer is tired of fads, trends and what's IN. They just want to look cool their own way. We are currently working on more sophiticated pieces that challenge traditional and current silhouettes for our older customer. We are not the next "leather" brand. We are not "street goth". We are REDFLOWERS and we strive to be:



This collection is about new beginnings. Our entrance into streetwear as well as the uprise of a new generation.  Thats why we incorporate war, destiny and american culture.

Fruition tee

Price: $30

Exp: Until we get where we want to be, we will work to our limits to grow and make great clothing. Everyone wants to be great in life. If you work hard for your dreams, you will surely reach them.

Anti-Hero tee

Price: $30

Exp:  The Hero can only save the day because everyone else was to weak in the moment. The Anti-Hero emerges because no on else can do it. Not for the glory, fame, or virtue; just to get the job done. This is your moment because only you can do what you do, how you do it. No one has risen to the occasion so now it is your time.

Glory Days tee

Price: $30

White colorway has vintage cracking on the back design.

Exp: The tiger has been argued to be the true king of the jungle. The brands before us could be considered the lions, the "supposed" kings. We're here to make our mark. Their glory days are over. The Japanese calligraphy in the back says, "red flowers"

Survive and Conquer tee

Price: $30

Exp: Here we flipped "Divide and Conquer". These days, America is more about surving your initial circumstances, then dominating in the path you choose. If we divide, we are doomed. So our generation must stick together and conquer. This is the new American way.

Advanced crewneck sweater (updated)

Price: $100

Exp: The mock-up of this crewneck sweatshirt is different. Most sweatshirts cuff at the bottom. We want our sweatshirts to hang loose like a t-shirt, but still be as thick. We also want to have different colored wrist cuffs. Here, there white. The subtle change makes a strong contrast in color. The "97" is a nod to the year skate brands started getting popular

Numero 0 3/4 sleeve jersey shirt

Price: $50

Exp: Here we cleary state that we're Numero 001. Many brands do number tees, jersey tees, etc. This is a knit jersey. The numbers will be sewn on, and the stripes will be stitched on top of the jersey. Numero is cooler than Number in our eyes.

RFLWRS zippo lighter

Price: $35

Exp: The coolest brands make zippo lighters. We also wanted to collect some. So we made our own here. When we actually make it,we want to make it look old, rusty and used. For the smokers.

Pricing range for future collections

T-Shirts...................................................................... $20 - $30

Crewneck Sweathirts/ Hoodies........................... $40- $60

Jackets...................................................................... $110 - $300

Accessories............................................................. $30 - $60


Fall 2012 - Birth of REDFLOWERS. We produced our first tee!  We prmoted it through our twitter accounts and created

Winter 2013 - While at school we decided to make the Nuit Lions crewneck sweatshirt for the harsh winter. We also shot our first lookbooks to promote our products.  The REDFLOWERS instagram was also created.



..........the progression


Check us out

IG: rflwrs



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