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RECRUITER - original comic character

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RECRUITER is my original character project.  I have currently done this pencil line art for Recruiter using Partick's advice and tutorials. I decided to do an original character instead of an existing one so i didn't have to worry about any existing costume details or hair etc, I just wanted to draw and be creative.  i also started with a static pose to begin with... As I imagine this character as quite active, I'm excited to try some action poses.

I'm so happy to see my character emerging!   A huge thanks to Patrick for sharing his knowledge... I can't wait for more.  

Feedback welcome!


The RECRUITER is one of thousands of "Recruiters" from a distant planet.  They are dispatched to every planet in all galaxies to "recruit" (hunt and capture) the best possible specimens of the local dominant species. Their orders are to return these specimens back to their planet where they are forced to compete in gladiator-style one-on-one competitions for the entertainment of their royalty.

On Earth, the "best of our species" happens to be our superheroes and villains, and the Recruiter is in the business of rounding them up.

Recruiters are half-organic and half-technology, modified by the Royal scientists of their planet to be the most effective hunters.  They are extremely athletic and strong, resistant to most elements, and are trained in hundreds of forms of combat in order to be successful with their wide variety of targets.  Their most formidable weapon however is the tranquilizer running through them to a bio-mechanical bayonette on their arm. A small of drop of the Recruiter's tranquilizer can knock out any known species in the universe so it can be transported back to the home planet. 


Update:  I tried my first action shot with this character... Didin't turn out too bad.  I used a reference photo of a soccer shot.  (sorry for the crappy quality, this is literally a photo taken in my kitchen with my iPhone and altered the contrast as best i could).



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