Hey Guys,

   Real Quick description about myelf, I'm a self taught music photographer, I have been shooting for two almost three years now, recieved a Canon Rebel Xs 1000D for my 27th birthday May 6 2010, That same year in August I started shooting Hip-Hop concerts, Private listening sessions etc, (Shout out to Karen Civil) and havent looked back since.I truly love the art of photography, Portraits mainly, I love the connection between the photographer and the talent or subject that you're shooting, I personal feel like I can see everything within that person, how they feel, what theyre thinking about, their goals their aspirations, it may sound a bit eerie but its true.

I feel like this class in what I needed the fact that I'm self taught and been shooting for some years now doesnt mean anything, your never too old to learn something new, and when I was coming up alot of photographers had their noses up, not wanting to help the competition, which i understand now, But in this saturated industry I no longer look at myself as a photographer but as an artist. LOL, that makes me feel better, besides Art will always be accepted, heavily critiqued, but I'm all for it. Good Day Ladies and Gents.

I have attached a few portraits of mine as well as a moodboard of work from my favorite photographers. Enjoy




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