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Hi everyone! :)

I'm pretty stoked about this tutorial! I love Hardy's teaching, and following his process has finally given me a breakthrough to creating the sort of skin I've been trying to paint for a long time. Something was clearly missing from my digital skill set, and this class has helped me fill in a lot of the gaps. AT LAST.

My painting is far from perfect, and nowhere near as effortless as Hardy makes it look. But I'm still happy that it's a big step for me in the right direction!

Here's how my project evolved.

1) I just dived straight in and did a sketch without planning or thumbnailing, etc. I've been trying a new style of drawing expressions, so I used this project to practice that as well.

2) I'm usually reluctant to "ink" my drawings because I feel a lot of pressure to get my lines smooth and perfect. But doing this on a large image helped to make things look smooth after zooming back out.

Another reason I don't like inking is because it takes so much effort/intention to place lines in such a way that the energy of the sketch is preserved. But this turned out pretty well, so I'm feeling better about inking, haha.

3-5) Just going through Hardy's method of laying down value and then changing the hues to skin tones. I kept the hair outline until nearly the end, but then decided to do away with that and just focus on the technique for creating stubble.

6) Around this point is when the painting started to "sing" and feel like it was coming to life. Since most of the head and skin structure was in place, this is when I could stop being so active in my thinking, and kinda tune out and just go with the flow.

7-8) After that, it was just a matter of detailing and fine tuning. These 2 pictures are similar, but I've put them both up so you can see what sort of little things are done during this near-end stage. I love doing skin textures, that's the icing on the cake for me! :D

9a-9b) These are the same image, just with different color profiles for uploading to different websites. Sigh. I hate how the colors get distorted! (If anyone has a way to make colors appear exactly as they do in Photoshop, PLEASE tell me. I've tried playing with quite a few of the color profile settings and "save for web" things, but to no avail. :P)

So yup, that's the end of my project, hope you had fun looking through its development. Thanks to Hardy for his awesome class, and all the best to everyone in their projects!

(And feel free to come say hi to me on my deviantart :D!- http://araqael.deviantart.com/)



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