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Hey Majo

Sorry that I am very late to submit my idea's. It seems I did not make a good planning ! Among others I have under estimated the time I need to allocate.Anyway I am almost there.

Here is my modest brainstorming sketches: 

When you think about picnic,  you immediately associate with eating and green enviorement. It is off course  right. But I was searching to come up with something else.  My steckes help me there. I have seen that for me is also very important in picnic is human interaction and behaiviours which are typically associaable to picnic. Like reading book , doddling, lying ,climbing ....I decide to do something with it. 

I would like to mix different kind of  silhouette  in my pattern. Here is my various  silhouette . I still need to do some selection out there.


Since I am not good at drawing I will be  using few of these silhouette as my drawings.

Then I have a fasination of Japanese patterns. I want to use them as collage in my project. There is my source for the Japanese vektor


I know that this requires very big repeat space but so be it! I am already very curious of the result.


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