Aaron Dickerson

Owner of Random Attraction to Klothing (RAK)



RAK (Random Attraction to Klothing)

Brand Name: Random Attraction to Klothing (RAK)

We are a streetwear brand for the movers and shakers of this world. Those with ambition to do something great; not only for themselves but for the people and community around them.

                                                          OUR STORY

It all started with a love for innovative design. Then it grew to a love for the fashion industry. Now it's a lifestyle that we live every day.  Random Attraction to Klothing (RAK) started with four guys wanting to be great, not average, not of the social norm. Clean cut, laid back, adventurous and innovative is who we are, and we want our clothing to have those same characteristics.  “Deeper than Clothing”.  More than just fabrics tightly knitted together to make a distinct soft texture. We want to be controversial. One of our favorite quotes is: Life’s too short for Mediocrity. Define who you are; Don’t let your clothes define you. That’s what RAK is all about.


                                                      OUR BUSINESS COMMANDMENT

RAK is the essence of different. Our line represents the past, present and future of a ethnically diverse culture within the streetwear industry. We plan to represent the masses in a way that is unique and stylish. Our iconic Rakkoon (raccoon) represents everyones inner animal. It is were animalistic habits and fashion meet. To wear the Rakkoon means to portray both the outer and internal characteristics of yourself. RAK is more than clothing, it is more than a trend, rak is a state of mind. Our goals is to be DEEPER than a shirt, DEEPER than a hat, "DEEPER THAN CLOTHING".

We have defined our brand using 3 commandments. This is our core. This is who we are. We have decieded to create these commandments using our own experiences and mindset. We are born and breaded in the South (Texas and Louisiana to be exact) and we draw a lot of inspiration from this culture.

So many brands today try to different that they end up being the same. I guess we must remain the same in order to be different. That means staying true to our core values. We must learn to step away from our natural element and really connect with people in order to get a full understanding of the culture.

Lesson 1: Have a meaning

"Always have strong Explanation about why you have created this brand or movement"

Origin of the Brand Name:

Random – Meaning - Having no specific pattern, purpose, or objective; without a governing design, method, or purpose; unsystematically.

  • Some of the greatest creations known to man have been created randomly or without the knowledge someday it would become what it is during that creation period.
  • RAK is about creating purposeless fashion. Fashion with your true thoughts in mind.  We want to caputure the hearts, minds and souls of our core customers.
  • No one day is the same so why should your fashion trends or what you wear be the same either.
  • It’s about differentiating yourself from the crowd, from the social norm
  • RAK is for those who have plans to reach a specific goal, but we all know that outcomes rarely are presence with the original objective.

Attraction - force acting mutually between particles of matter, tending to draw them together, and resisting their separation

  • We want to make our clothing interesting; we want to draw customers in with the emotion of attraction. In the words of Marc Ecko "We are some emotional motherfu_____s!!
  • As humans we are all attracted to different things (food, apparel, the opposite sex) based off our objectives or aesthetic senses
  • Aesthetic – having a sense of beautiful. We want our clothes to bring out the pure emotion of people as oppose to intellect
  • Attraction triggers emotions; Emotions can be dangerous, breath taking, and they can be unpredictable. We want to have emotions within our clothing label.

Klothing - Clothes considered as garments collectively; clothes; raiment; apparel

  • Why “K” instead of “C” – The letter "K" is strong and sharp. We want our clothign to have that same appeal. Bold and fine cut. Tailored to fit you.
  • Pronunciation –  (klo-th-ing)
  • A satiric misspelling is an intentional misspelling of a word, phrase or name for a rhetorical purpose.  We use “K” instead of “C” to differentiate ourselves from the status quo.
  • The letter “K” routes from the Egyptian symbol meaning open hand. We want to help our customers look the best they possibly can, while helping in our local community.

Lesson 2: Dig deeper into that meaning

"Don't follow, Create a following"

We use a lot of different culturist figures in our designs. We do this to show how they have changed culture in positive aspect. Many of these figures were often conveyed as someone who meant more to their profession than what their profession meant to them. They changed the world and RAK was created to do the same. Change more than just the streetwear or fashion industry but change the culture around us. Before we can accomplish this objective we must define the problem by digging DEEPER into the culture. As we dig deeper we become more that just a clothing brand we become a movement.


  • African American History 
  • Street cultures 
  • Comtemporary designers
  • European brands
  • Graffiti Artist
  • Controversial public figures and events
  • Historic Icons

Lesson 3: Revolutionize the meaning

               Our first holiday collection drops 11.29.13. Below is a sneak peek


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