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Rêve | Volume 1, |

/Rêve FlagShip Store/Studio Blueprint: Los Angeles, California


I want to develop a space in Los Angeles, CA where creatives can work together on projects, experiment, and collaborate - a co-working hub of sorts that provides a unique experience allowing people to fulfill their life's work.

The space will provide as many amenities as possible, allowing people to focus on their craft without getting distracted.  Different membership tiers will exist.  Available amenities included are:

  • Fastest & Best ISP Catered to our City

  • Unlimited Coffee & Other Amazing Beverages

  • Physical Address to Collect Snail Mail

  • Access to Conference Room for Meetings & Creative Bursts

  • Fully Stocked Office with Basics: Printer, Paper, Stapler, Staples, Pens/Pencils, etc.

  • 24/Hour Access to the Building

  • Desk/Workspace Options: Open Desk/Table, Designated Desk, Private Office

  • Locked Storage

  • Access to Multi Purpose/Creative Room w/ Basic Tools

  • Utilities Covered: Heating, Cooling, Security, Taxes, etc.

  • Free Software & Licenses Like: Adobe Creative Cloud, Lynda.com, etc.

Rêve/ Anorak Jacket 

Rêve Spring/Summer Look Book

Instagram @ReveIntl

Releasing images / designs / sheets etc. FW14 soon. 


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