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Rådström of the North

Hellu people, 

I really liked this project. I don't really stay in touch with my dads side of the family, but this challange really gave me a chance to explore that side. 

My family origins in Ångermanland, a northern region of Sweden. The nature is amazing, with hills and forests and a long coastline. I googled and found out, among other things, that the regional animal is a beaver, the regional crest contains three fishes (and is fairly boring), and that it is famous for worker's strikes and socialism more than anything.

Thus my mood board looked something like this:


then I called my dad. He told me our familys background is farmers, poverty and fighting for worker's rights. Also, I know that my family has been driven by strong women. (dad has five sisters). Thus I was inspired to use this symbol:


I combined Gothic farmers with Kimmy schmidt and got that. After some rationalization, the result turned out like this:



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