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Quote in a modern cursive

I'm not such a newbie in calligraphy, I'm trying and trying since almost one year and nowdays I can say that I really improved my skills, I bought a lot of tools and everyday I'm totally excited to do more and more exercises; I always loved so much to write in a good calligraphy, I was almost a maniac about it when I was a teen, I didn't even ever imagined that I could have made it a job or a real skill to purpose to clients, but graduating in design, so I think that this skill will improve my professional life for sure, and I must say thank you, because this class, and the further 2nd and 3rd, wich I alreay attended, helped me so so much!

This phrase is a quotation from the season finale from True Blood, a show that I really loved :D

Thanks from Italy :D


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