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Quote in Modern Script - Calligraphy I

  1. I've spent houres thinking about quote, choosen and refused three times and at last - I got it! :) One day found it on facebook, just that simple. It's a quote from Donald Judd, artist and art theoretician. It seems meaningfull for me because I'm interested in visual arts, both design and fine arts. And there is an eternal question what an art is, can design be art and so on). Here is a kind of an answer I guess :)79d16492
  2. More time I've spent on trying different scripts. It was fun and has already become my everyday practice. I totally love it to copy letters and elements of interesting scripts. Here's my final pencil sketch.  956bf2d0
  3. I'm not quite satisfied with my writing yet, ascendings are rather quaky. And I'm not happy with the ink, it bleeds often. I hope to try Sumi ink soon (now use Faber Castell). I used transparent paper to write the final piece over the pencil sketch. And here it is :)b74cb5df

Thank you for your time! Hope you've enjoyed it :)

p.s.: I'm a queen of errors)). If you notice any, please let me know, I do appreciate it :)


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