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Quote for Vinyl Cutout on Livingroom Wall

  1. Inspiration:  I have a space on my livingroom wall under which I currently have some vinyl cutout clocks and a quote.  My mom saw this idea on Pinterest and initially I loved it, but now that it's been executed, I'm not a huge fan.  I feel like it's very cookie cutter, doesn't fit the space very well, and I want something unique that really expresses my feelings about these pictures/moments in our family's life. 

This is the idea/inspiration that my mom found online:


and this is the initial execution, which I'm really not loving:


  I feel like it's cluttered, crooked, and just kind of "blah".

For this project, my intention is to:

  1. Align the pictures to their top borders, so they're even across the top.
  2. Design and draw the following e.e. cummings quote to be cut in vinyl and adhered to the space that currently says "In these moments time stood still":  "Yours is the light b which my spirit's born: - you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars"
  3. Replace the monogram/clocks with representations of the moon phases for the time/dates the kids were born.
  4. Relocate the wood sign above the center picture; it will not be part of this final project.

Here's a mockup of the layout/concept I'd ideally like to employ:


2. Inspiration & Brainstorming:  When I think of this quote, it's very celestially centered, so a lot of my word bank is made up of "outer space" related words.  The emotion I'd like to invoke from the collective grouping/final product, however, is one of everlasting, unconditional, pure love and devotion.  I've incorporated words related to birth and entirety of life, so hopefully that all results in a good final and all-encompassing product :)


3. Reference Materials:  For this project, I'm using the collection below as my reference.  I think my biggest challenges will be restricting the layout to something that is very wide, but short in height; and finding a way to convey the depth/emotion in a vinyl format.  I love 3-dimensional text and fonts, but that doesn't translate well into a vinyl application.  I think that layering colors and using lines/texture to indicate a shaded area will be the key to a successful transfer from pencil and paper to vinyl on a wall.



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