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Quote describing my friendship between me and my Penpal since 7th grade.

I came up with my quote to describe the relationship between me and my penpal. We started writing in 7th grade. We lost touch after high school. In 2008 I decided I wanted to try and find her again. So I googled the last address I had for her. It was now a business but there was someone with the same last name working there so I took a chance and emailed them. I explained who I was and who I was looking for and asked if they were related to her. Within 30 minutes I had an email from my penpal. The person I contacted wasn't related but did know her. We have been chatting via facebook and email since then.

I handlettered the quote in Swedish on canvase for her as well as another quote about family.


Here are is one of my practice sheets with different nibs.


Here is another nib comparison sheet. My ultimate favorite nib is the Leonardt 33 followed by the Hunt 101.


This is a quote I am working on for my penpal. Top is Swedish followed by English translation.


This a card I made for a friend.



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