Quote Book: "Reality Check"

Quote Book: "Reality Check" - student project

Hi there! I have decided to write a quote book called "Reality Check". The chapter title's will provide a well-known quote, and the body will be a (hopefully) humoros and sarcastic reason why these popular phrases should perhaps not be taken as "self-evident truths" by people, just because they are well-known quips. After reviewing the different types of non-fiction books, I decided to go with the Quote Book because I wrote a paper a few years back about the phrase "It's Just Business." I was a bit angry when I wrote it because a client that had betrayed me in a big way (and was supposedly my friend) said to me, "Darlene, it's just business." I ran a Martial Arts Marketing company for 8 years, and this was my rant after this incident. You can read the full article at:


Each chapter will use sarcasm and wit to denounce a popular phrase. I would love any suggestions or ideas for other phrases you would like to see torn apart!


Darlene Del Castillo

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