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Quotational Inspiration

Hi all!

I had one heck of a good time with this project. A friend of mine shared this with me via Instagram and, although it may not be a typical submission, I decided to share it nontheless. 

A little about myself before you can understand where I came up with this: 

I am studying speech and communication and am gearing up to graduate in about a year (woohoo!) I did, however, fall in love with handlettering over the years but never got the chance to take course, so I have taken over a massive chalk wall on my favorite building on campus and I sketch out some new ideas there, frequently. Being that I value communication, I tend to letter words and thoughts I find myself thinking throughout the day. This is why I chose to design not necessarily a product, but a thought. 


I took a lot from these classes and took Mary Kate McDevit's words quite literally. There was a point where she mentioned that quotes aren't as meaningful when coming from someone other than the artist-- which is why I chose a personal thought. 


One of my favorite aspects of this class was the mood board. It released a little bit of pressure from the thought process for me. I started my mood board before I had a concrete idea of what I would draw, which helped me explore different layouts and lettering style's that reflected how I wanted the words to be read. I chose a more fluid type face which added more of a whimsicle look rather than a more dramatic tone had I chosen to use an Old London-like type face. I emphasized specific words by means of layout and strategically spaced and sized letters for, hopefully, a more pleasing appearance. 



Although I am not by any means a letterer, I feel that I took so much from this class and I had a great time doing it. I look forward to using these tips and tricks in the future and strategically designing my work accordingly.



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