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Jennifer Lavenhar

CEO, Quotabellies




In one sentence:

Quotabellies are life-changing quotes from the world's greatest thinkers, writers and artists, printed on the world's softest, organic, tagless onesies, created for literary babies and their parents.


When I was a brand new parent, we got lots of baby gifts.  A lot of them were clothes.  A lot of the clothes were cute, some were boring.  Some people tried to spice up their baby gifts by giving what they thought would be funny quotes on tiny t-shirts or onesies.  Things like, "Boob Man" or "I Believe in Whirled Peas" or "I Cry Because my Daddy Drinks" (yes, that is actually a baby shirt).  And yes, some of these are cute and funny, but it's just not where my head was at.  

So I started looking around for something that would be a bit more..inspiring.  After all, everyone looks at babies.  They're really cute!  So what if that chubby little belly carried a message of beauty, truth, art?  

I started looking around and couldn't find anything like that.  So I thought of making my own.  I started sorting through hundreds of quotes (which is sort of a passion of mine anyway).  And I started to find certain ones that had special meaning in the context of childhood and a brand new life.

Then I started thinking about what kind of clothing I would create for MY baby if I could put these quotes on anything.  For babies, onesies are the way to go. And I noticed that they were not all created equal--some were insanely, luxuriously soft--just what a new Mom wants against her baby's skin.  Naturally, organic cotton has many advantages for both baby and the world.  Tagless was a must.  And the snaps had to be large, and easy to use--even for big Daddy fingers.

So I started gathering up my favorite quotes for babies, and sourcing the world's softest, tagless, organic onesies.  

The idea is for your baby to carry a message to the world that is wholesome, beautiful, inspiring, and thought-provoking, on clothing that is as soft as a Mother's touch.

Interview Answers:  Why Won't This Product Work?

Answer One:  You'll never be able to  sell enough onesies, at a high enough price, to make a living.

Answer Two:  Coming soon.

Answer Three:  Coming soon.


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