Quoddy Shoes

Quoddy Shoes - student project

Quoddy Shoes - image 1 - student project

Quoddy shoes are handsewn in Lewiston, Maine. Every single pair is made to order; they are each one of a kind. The origin of the name comes from Passamaquoddy, a native American, who was employed by locals to craft fine moccasins and canoes. 

Even though handsewing has since been replaced by modern machinery, Quoddy continues to produce their shoes by hand. It enables the crafter to put some love into the product. The sewer can customize the shoe much more easily, can correct problems with the leather cuts, and can ensure quality as he works.

Each shoe is tested in tried-and-true Maine fashion. A pair is taken for a walk through a creek and back. They are dried out the next day. If anything is out of sorts, the crafter knows that the glue hasn't set or the sewing wasn't quite right.


When I think of Quoddy, I think of their quality hand sewn shoes. I think of aged leather, supple enough that it fits like a glove around your foot, old camp signs up in Algonquin, wood burn paddle deocrations,  and vintage survey maps. 

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