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Quit looking for inspiration

young and tired of looking on the internet at graphic design professionals. crawling along seeking a right or left-handed pearl. worn down, teenish dreams of big design mentors and important hand-lettered, opinion-filled vinyl BS. under the wing of the bigshots. arriving at some snappy new self-help book on the online shelf ... skillshare.

what the hell is this?

i look at bob gill, watch his speech on some design trend called offset. another itching ear scratch on a bloated bunch of brainy trout. most motivated hearing him berate some gent in a blue sweater.

i'm choosing a hand, and identity, second-guessing it. curmedgeoning with information overload, some thirty years too early. ready to pass on the hard ecclesiastical conclusion to the next sorry wildfire.

i drew myself as i'm so often found. looking. barely listening. taking bob's advice. counting on him seeing the blue sweater in it. getting his blessing.

old fart.


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