Quit Acting Like a Victim

For the "Style Under Stress" quiz, I got a score of "3" toward silence and a "3" toward violence. So, I don't do either all the time, but I do have issues with both.

One skill I could improve? Not acting like the victim.

I have an associate whose meetings always run really long. Way too long. At the start of each meeting, I always say, "I have to leave by such and such a time." The associate does not seem to notice or care when that time comes. I end up staying much later than I planned, and inside I'm telling myself she just doesn't care. 

I'm acting like a victim. At the next meeting, I am simply going to state at the beginning of the meeting what time I have to leave, and at that time, I am going to put my things away and go. There is no need to tell a story about me being a victim. Most likely, the person in charge of the  meeting is fine with me to leave at the time I say, but she figures I can take of myself. 


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