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QuirkyByte Identity

My single most important take back from this course is the notion of liquid identity. What I understand by the term 'liquid identity' is that an identity system should be fluid so that it can adapt itself to various mediums without getting repetitive. An identity where the system is very rigid becomes boring very quickly and is likely to get overthrown because people seek change. So a liquid identity as I understood it is nothing but an ability for flexibility.

A friend asked me to design the identity of his blog - Quirky Byte. It is an online magazine. It covers trending and utility based articles across host of diverse themes. It's a single window to read about everything from food, lifestyle & health to sports, entertainment, politics, and technology all fused into one. It is for both the serious and the casual reader.

The Q in the logo is turned upside down to look like a 'switch off/ switch on' button and the B is stretched to look like a beta symbol. 

Any feedbacks would be very helpful. Hope you all like the project. It was A LOT of hardwork !







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