Quirky Stylish Shirt or Cranky Grandma? | Skillshare Projects

Leslie Cheng

Graphic Designer at Benefit Cosmetics



Quirky Stylish Shirt or Cranky Grandma?

This idea actually came about by accident! I wanted to illustrate loud tummy growl (kinda like, one of the last things you'd want to happen if it's super quiet in a room), but it ended up becoming a loud pattern intead of a loud sound. I kinda like experimenting with another meaning of the word, so I imagine this illustration to be primarily geometric shapes and crazy colors! Thinking of adding trumpets...

I also wanted to play with some lettering and people. Grandmas are so cute to draw! This is kinda like, someone being loud when it's actually really quiet and how ridiculous it can be.

Not sure which one to move forward with! Let me know which you like more :)


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