Quirky Queen Creative

Quirky Queen Creative - student project

Hi ya'll! 

My name is McCall. 

I am a Salt Lake based Photographer, Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer. I am a lover of all things vibrant, creative and of course, quirky! 

My art and photography can be described as playful, vibrant and bold. I draw most of my inspiration from my childhood as well as working with kids in my community. Before moving to Salt Lake I worked as an art and photography teacher for kids K-12 at my local Boys and Girls Club for 4 years. It was extremely rewarding and inspiring to my creative workflow. I've grown to love simple design that makes a statement.

I currently sell my designs on Spoonflower and Society6. My product and detail photography can be found on Adobe Stock and Twenty20. 


This class was definitely beneficial as I begin to jump into more of the business side of art.

Check out more art HERE and HERE.

Quirky Queen Creative - image 1 - student projectQuirky Queen Creative - image 2 - student projectQuirky Queen Creative - image 3 - student project