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Debbie Kendall




Quintessentially British

I am a printmaker and this was a print that I have already made. It was an entry for a competition about all things British and I created a hand letterered poster about traditional British rituals. I did manage to vectorize this myself but it was really trial and error and so i have scanned a portion of the original drawing so I can use it to redo the process on this course

Here is the finished print

and here is the section I have just scanned in from my original pen and ink drawing...

So I had a bit of difficulty with the Photoshop lesson as I have Photoshop Elements which is not exactly the same. Still I manages to muddle through and picked up some useful tips. I think I will have to do much of my editiong work in Illustrator though.

So here what I ended up with after photoshop... i basically just cropped the image so i could work on a small part of it for now and also adjusted the levels to enhance the black lines more strongly

then i opened it up in illustrator where i traced it, cleaned it up, seperated the individual elements that were touching (with the eraser), straightened up the 'i' in 'pint' and grouped the elements together that are related.

here what it looks like now...

then just as an exercise in colouring different elements... (horrible colours!!!)


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