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Kelsey B.

graphic and textile designer



Quilter's Planner

Project Description:

Over the past decade, like so many of my friends,  I tried to rely on my smart phone and computer to organize my daily life and projects. 

But it just didn't work.  

I've found that there’s something about putting a pen to paper that makes everything more tangible, which makes me more productive.

I found myself daydreaming about having a place for all my projects and my weekly and monthly schedules, all in one book.  After talking with hundreds of quilting friends across the country, I decided to dive in and make it a reality for us all.

Concept Sketching:


I sketched this on a whim because I have been experimenting with hand-lettering. I wanted to juxtapose the left-brained nature of a planner with the right-brained creativity of a planner.


From there, I enlarged it with a copier and then went to town editting with layers of tracing paper.



This was my first vectorizing attempt.

Current Thoughts and Directions:

The continuity of stroke angle feels a little off between the letters, especially the L. The S also feels stunted and not quite right. I think the R may need to switch which side of the character has the thick stroke, or perhaps just lighten it on the right side. I like the modern feel of a real S rather than a cursive one, but I may have to play round with it more to maintain the same flow that happens betwen the other letters.


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