Quietly thinking....

Quietly thinking.... - student project

I'm happy with what i've ended with, one illustration of and "act" that is done when quiet and the pattern is a inspired by the idea of a "quiet cup of tea"

Quietly thinking.... - image 1 - student projectQuietly thinking.... - image 2 - student projectWorking on two ideas at the same time, one surface pattern and one illustration....:) all  comments welcome!

Quietly thinking.... - image 3 - student project

Quietly thinking.... - image 4 - student project27th March 2013

 My ideas seems to be changing so much. Ive decided to do one patterns and one illustration....:)

words that occur to me most obviously when i think of the word "QUIET"




 all of the above are acts done when we are quiet or feel a sense of quietness comes upn us.... this is my interpretation..

Working on both ideas to get the juices flowing...Quietly thinking.... - image 5 - student project