Quiet - student project

Final update, little bit more texture added!

Quiet - image 1 - student project


Another little composition update, started adding more details and a bit of texture to the edges.

Going to add texture to the shapes now to stop it all looking so flat, been looking forward to this part!

Quiet - image 2 - student project


Been trying some more compositions today - can't get this to a place where I'm happy with it yet -  hopefully it will all just come together at some point!

Quiet - image 3 - student project


I've been playing around with different compositions, trying to make the scene feel like a calm little glade.
So far I've just kind of blocked in shapes and it all looks very flat and vectory at the moment - I'm gonna to try and add more plants and details without making it look too busy. Still not sure about the colour scheme - going to keep trying out some options!

Here's my work in progress thus far:

Quiet - image 4 - student project


I knew as soon as I saw the brief that I would like to illustrate the word quiet!

Quiet - image 5 - student project

As recomended by Brad, I started with a word list. Looking at my list one of the first things that came to mind was a nice cat peacefully sleeping in the sun, all cozy and quiet! 

Quiet - image 6 - student project

I doodled this down, then sketched a little scene with more animals in a garden.

Quiet - image 7 - student project

This one looked a bit hectic with so many critters! So lastly I sketched a cat happily sleeping under some plants, in peace, all on his own.

Quiet - image 8 - student project

I'd like to develop this concept further, using the mass of plants to give a feeling of seclusion and quiet.

Anna Dunn

Senior Designer @ Human After All