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I chose quiet because I wanted to use color and texture to create the mood of the word.  I'm deciding between the feet nestled in a fuzzy carpet and the content face.   I might take a stab at both a little further to decide which stands out to me more...





I decided to go with the content facial expression for my project.  I've gone through several color palettes and am trying to decide which of these I prefer.  I'm leaning more towards no. 2 because the facial features seemed to stand out just a bit more than in the others while also having a quiet feel to it as well.

I decided to go with the gray ( No. 2).  I copied my illustration over to Photoshop and added some textures over the illustration.  I also applied a white to black radial gradient to the middle to give it a little dimension.  

I played around with the blending modes and opacity percentages of all the textures until, well, until I had to force myself away from the screen after a couple of hours...  I think taking a break from your work and getting a fresh set of eyes to look over your work (in my case, 2 brutally honest kids + a husband) really helps - as Brad mention in his Q&A video.  The next day I took a fresh look and figured out what tweaks were needed and then, I was done.  The final illustration is below.  I'm pretty happy with the outcome and had a lot of fun taking this class.  



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