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Jena Buckwell

Vegetable Grower / Nature Lover




I started by creating a pretty long word list — which was always one of my favorite brainstorming methods in college, that I have been pretty lazy about lately and would love to bring back into my life. 

The word "quiet" makes me think of home. I am currently living in Bed-Stuy, which is a very far cry from my hometown of Clarkson, NY, which is about the size of Manhattan, but houses around 5,000 residents, one traffic light, two gas stations and that's about it. I didn't realize until I moved away how truly wonderful and quiet my childhood was. The last time I went home, I camped out in my Mom's backyard almost every night. The tent, the fresh, cool country air and the absolute silence was amazing and inspired the vast majority of my word list and sketches.

More to come soon!


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