Majesta Vestal

design & illustration





I'm trying to rethink the composition, and color palette. It's deffinitely not there yet, but getting closer. I'm also trying to incoperate some kind of pattern, not sure it's it's working but I will keep trying!


Why do I never think about my composition fully? I always get too excited and jump right in.... I'm also struggling with my color palette, it's just too... dull. I keep trying different palettes but I keep coming back to these same kind of colors. 

Going to add some more details... and then see where I end up.

Quiet or loud? Considering my boyfriend is in an incredibly loud rock and and I also have a 1 year old brother who loves to scream, I gravitate to peace & quiet! My two main ideas focus around outer space & the ocean. I feel like I'll be able to incooperate a little bit more into the ocean idea so I think I'm going to go with that... for now. 


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