Quiet. but maybe loud with all of that texture? | Skillshare Projects

Melissa Baker Nguyen




Quiet. but maybe loud with all of that texture?

I'm just settling in with my sketch book and my pencil. I'll update shortly. enjoying the quiet... you?

Not sure why these next ones are sideways- sorry.

If I can be anywhere near the water I find that quiet place.

Maybe crunchy snow underfoot on the way home from the library...

Decided to go with the first sketch. Question is, with something so simple, is it possible to actually create something nice? (ignore the colour selection at the moment- I am working on my palette )

Ok- so I went a little crazy with patterns and texture- this isn't finished, but it was definitely fun to try out a whole bunch of weirdness... I literally added a pattern to EVERY shape. Sometimes I have no clue what I ought to actually be doing... so I guess experimentation is the best? But then this happens- lol


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