Quiet time

Quiet time - student project

Ok so what do you think?? any feedback would be awesome!! 

Quiet time - image 1 - student project

Ok so I am really not liking my project :( ... I was thinking about cropping a section .. into a circle? the random circles at the bottom in black is just an idea to hade soap suds leaking out of the circle (I will not leave them like this i just did circles to give an idea for something coming out) ?
Do you think it works better cropeed?

Quiet time - image 2 - student project

Which color scheme do you think works best???

Quiet time - image 3 - student project

Which color scheme do you think works best???

Color scheme and objects - definatey needs some texture and pattern :)

Quiet time - image 4 - student project

Working on building the shapes and composition. 

Quiet time - image 5 - student project

Running with the bath tub idea for now ...I think I need to simplify it more though - not sure if I will be able to translate it on the computer... i'm still learning illustrator ;)

thinking about leaving the head and body out and having just the legs sticking out?

Quiet time - image 6 - student project

I wrote a big word list but I seemed to have a lot more Ideas for quiet when the pencil was on the paper ...

Quiet time - image 7 - student project

I'm not really sure about which ideas I like best yet? I definatley prefer the first sheet of sketches (the one ontop of this writing with library and bath tub) I do like the little party mouse on the second sheet though... Which ideas do you think have the best potential??
Quiet time - image 8 - student project

Quiet time - image 9 - student project