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Quiet state of mind

[In Progress]

My goal in this project is to represent a quiet state of mind - the feeling of being completely relaxed and without distracting thoughts.

I want to represent the head as a heavy object, resting a plane, as if the head were made of stone and is sinking into the ground.

Sketch phase 3

I wanted to give this some more detail and a visual style, 

so I went back to my moodboard and chose a color palette and added some textures.

Added a real face sillhouet and eyelashes,

and now it's looking a bit more delicate.

Still think that the composition needs some more balance and visual interest. I also want to clean up the hairline. 


Sketch phase 1

Sketch phase 2 

What's the head doing there? Is it too much without context and does it look like it's decapitated?

So I try adding some more detail.

More representational now... like a girl sleeping on the beach.

However, I'm wanting to boil the shapes down back to simplicity like the 1st sketch. Next I'm going to try to do it by giving more detail to the facial elements. Doing that might let me eliminate other objects in the image.


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