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Quiet: not an urban choice

I chose the word "Quiet".

For seven years I lived in São Paulo city, which is the most wealthy and big city of the state of São Paulo, in Brazil. São Paulo is called The City That Never Sleeps, and there's always an establishment that delivers something at your apartment (because the city is crowded with buildings) 24/7. Cars, traffic, pollution, and LOTS of people at every hour of every day of every week of every month of the year.

That's why, quiet, for me, is related to places far far away from cities, like in the middle of the ocean. So my words are: horizontal, horizon, sea, nature, meditation, sunset, sleepy and peace.

Then I did some images research and I found one of soundwaves that looked like buildings, so I had the idea of making a sketch of soundwaves fading into an open ocean.


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