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Quiet moments

So I've bumped over here from Brad's other course, the into to Illustrator and I really want to focus on colour and texture because the ad I chose to replicate is a lot like my own work in the past and didn't really give any room to experiment with that. 

I chose quiet for a couple of reasons, I'm quite introverted so perhaps its easier for me to identify with a quiet atmosphere, but I think that quiet can be a little more restricting with colours, shape and textures than loud, and that's something I wanted to focus on because I have a tendancy to get a little bogged down in details and end up over-working things.

Above is my intial word list and a couple of loose ideas, the first image that sprang to mind was the 'hush' image in the top right, but it doesn't really leave much room for experimenting with colour and texture, so ... well I started grasping for ideas a bit when an ad for holidays came on, and it was talking about there being an island in the bahamas that has swimming pigs, and it got me thinking about the sea and pigs so...


Just as a real rough sketch I started thinking about a sleeping pig dreaming of being on holiday in the bahamas... I might have gone a little off topic but I hope that any choice of shapes, colours and composition will bring quiet to mind when I've finished. 

I'm off to do a few thumbnails now to work into this idea a little more, and to look up some images of sleeping pigs to get the imagery right. 

OK, I've drawn up  a couple of piggies to start working with and come up with a couple of colour schemes after watching the 2nd instalment. 

I think I might be going a bit more 'realistic' with the drawings which is weird, not something I usually go for but this is all about trying new things, I just hope it's sucessful!

colour-wise, I'm torn between two pallets 

I'll probably go with the bottom selection for now because it feels a bit more tropical, but it might evolve. I just don't want to go too mad with it because I'm worried it will lose the "quiet" aspect. 


Do below is the basic layout sketched up in illustrator, if anyone has any feedback on colour/texture/patters/composition I'd love to hear them!

Started adding a bit of colour, it's been pretty cool learning how reliant I am on tints and shades already, and I had to pull back and remind myself I can shade with texture, this is just the really basic flat image at the moment, I want to spend a full day playing with textures and that before I upload again. Yay!

Ok, so.. final stage took me FOREVER - partly because I have recently become obsessed with Downton Abbey, but mostly because the last bit was sort of fiddly to work out. this is 99% finished in my mind (I hope noone thinks I've over worked it), but if anyone has any suggestions I'm open! 

The bigest thing in now I have a more dreamy look, do I really need the 'bubbles' in the middle?


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