Quiet is the New Loud

Quiet is the New Loud - student project

Since the beginning of this year I have been on a personal quest to find stillness in the madness and noise of my day to day.

I dedicated myself to bring yoga back into my life, to make time to meditate, to welcome new creative energies in, and to listen to the quiet inner voice within.

I've enjoyed this new path so much that I wanted to create a piece to remind myself how it feels and how much joy it has brought me. I want to keep this creative wellness flowing and I want to inspire others to feel what I'm experiencing. 

I took my first meditation workshop recently and the yoga master said when our minds are still, it is like the water in a lake. It can reflect the sky in a crystal clear image. This is to say that when we quiet our minds, we allow the natural energies of the world to reflect back to us which creates understanding and peace.

Naturally "quiet" seemed like the appropriate choice here for me.

I decided to start with creating a pinterest board as a way of collecting the mood ideas for my piece:


From here, I started sketching, and realized I have not sketched for fun in years and it made me sad. Everything I do is very digital these days and my hands are rusty with a pen!  However, I did managed to squeeze out some figure drawings of yoga poses I'm interested in illustrating, along with a creative world that encompasses her figure.

To be continued!

Quiet is the New Loud - image 1 - student project

Holly Danger

Creative Director & Video Artist