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Quiet friends

An update!

These are the color options I am exploring. I asked my friend what color schemes she likes and she told me blues and greens are her preference. The differences are subtle (except for the pink dress of course). I added a little red into each to move your ey around the scene. Hopefully it's working, I tend to struggle with color in a composition.

I ended up going with the vertical rendition. I do wonder if it is a little busy...but I decided I wanted to make it portrait so that it would be easy to hang on a wall. Also, I had done the sketch before any feedback came in. Here is the sketch:

My good friend is having baby girl. I told her I would make a piece of art for her to hang in her new babe's room and I've been putting it off forevah. One reason I put it off for so long is because I didn't know where to start. Then I found this class, yay. So this is the beginning and I think "Quiet" is a very fitting theme.

After a bunch of scribbling (not shown for good reason), I worked out these two thumbnails for my concept. That is, a child playing in a clearing, with forest friends quietly observing.



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