Quiet, but deadly: Sugar. | Skillshare Projects

Brooke Glaser

Illustrator & Designer



Quiet, but deadly: Sugar.

So I love sweets. But after a 6 month stint in Costa Rica without any processed sugars in my diet, reintroducing myself to the American diet was a bit of a shock to the system.

My project is about how quiet the dangers of sugar are... but shown in a hopefully fun way. I present to you, the Cupcake Zombie! 

I started out with the shapes, playing with illustrator and learning a few great techniques along the way.

I went with muted colors, because when I'm painting I tend to go with really bold, bright colors. Quiet is muted and it gave me a chance to play with a palate I don't typically choose.

I decided to add a title to the piece. I'm stil working out the details in the dead cupcake's head. I started by drawing all these stokes, but it doesn't really work with color. Going to finish that up and then start adding textures and patterns!


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