Quiet as Northwestern Woods

Quiet as Northwestern Woods - student project

When I first started to think about quiet images I thought about a pin dropping. 

The  image of a quiet house and a tiny pin falling just seemed to emphasize the idea of quiet. After writing down some words and drawing I had a lot more ideas. 

Of all the ideas I had come up with the one that I connected with most was a big mountain in the woods. I went camping at Mt. Rainier with my family a few years ago. The site of that gigantic mounting stretching way into the sky was incredible. 

When we finally drove to where the snow began gathering I remember looking up and being in awe. Other than the cold wind blowing against my face it was complete and utter silence. 

So as a rememberance of that trip I decided to create an illustration of that camping trip. With the big quiet mountain looking down on everything else. 

I also think that a composition like this will make for some excellent opportunities to play with textures. 

I'm excited to start playing with the elements and will have them up in the next few days. I can't wait to see how it turns out!