Quiet and Serene

Quiet and Serene - student project

Final version! I chose this concept to represent that quiet moment at night, where everything is stil. I wanted the tent to be the main focus, along with the glow/light coming from it, which is why I ended up going with a more monotone color palette for the rest. This class has been really inspiring for me and it's been great to see everyone's different interpretations of the project. Thanks for all of your comments and suggestions along the way!

Quiet and Serene - image 1 - student project


Phase 3

Updated with texture/dimension to soften all of the harsh/vector-y edges.Quiet and Serene - image 2 - student project


Final update before the next stage of finishing it off and adding a bit of texture/pattern. I zoomed in the composition a bit to help guide the focal point to the center, and adjusted the color palette a bit more. I will probably use somewhere between this and the last version for the final step. Thanks so much for everyone's thoughts; it's been really helpful!

Quiet and Serene - image 3 - student project

New more monochromatic color-way, I feel like this is getting closer, but all of the flat color is pretty heavy. I definitely want to lighten it up with more texture in Photoshop.

Quiet and Serene - image 4 - student project

Phase 2

I have been staring at this for far too long, so uploading my current color version. I didn't want to go too far before the next stage, but I do know that I want to add a bit more pattern/texture to layer in dimension. I chose the midnight blue (sky) as my 1st color and built my palette around that. Thoughts are welcome!

Quiet and Serene - image 5 - student project


Phase 1

I knew I wanted to do "Quiet" so I started out creating a mood board pulling images that felt "Quiet" to me and used that imagery to help generate my word list. The recurring theme was natural, natural elements and a sense of tranquility in the outdoors. I started with a few sketches of various ideas, but settled on the concept of a tent in the wilderness, I like the idea of it being at night, that still feeling in the summer when you could hear a pin drop. Quiet and Serene - image 6 - student project

These are preliminary layout sketches along with my word list.Quiet and Serene - image 7 - student project

A couple of more thought out concepts.

Quiet and Serene - image 8 - student project

Playing with the layout of the tent and other landscape elements.Quiet and Serene - image 9 - student project

This is the final layout that I chose, I wanted there to be a more obvious foreground and background. Excited to play with pattern/texture/color and see how I can abstract it more once it goes digital. Thoughts are welcome!